Your Complete Guide to Auto Glass Insurance in Arizona

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Auto glass insurance differs from state to state, so understanding the different levels of coverage in Arizona is an integral part of protecting your vehicle. This guide explains the levels of glass coverage available in Arizona, the various federal and state laws related to auto glass insurance, and your rights when filing a claim. 

Arizona Auto Insurance Levels


There are three primary levels of auto glass insurance available in Arizona: full glass coverage with no deductible, comprehensive glass coverage with a deductible, and no glass coverage. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential to understand the difference between them.

Full Glass Coverage (No Deductible)


Did you know that residents of Arizona can take advantage of a free windshield replacement law? Comprehensive car insurance policies in the state can include full glass coverage. Full glass insurance covers the costs of labor, materials, installation, and the glass itself – all without a deductible. This means Arizona residents won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket for a new windshield if it’s damaged in an accident or vandalism as long as they have full glass coverage under their comprehensive policy.

It’s important to remember that to take advantage of the windshield replacement law, you must have a comprehensive auto insurance plan that includes full glass coverage for your vehicle. If you don’t have this kind of coverage, you will likely be responsible for either a deductible or even the total cost of the replacement.

Breakdown of Full Glass Coverage

  • Must have a comprehensive car insurance policy that includes full glass coverage
  • Coverage includes windshield replacement labor, materials, installation, and the glass itself
  • No deductible required 

Comprehensive Glass Coverage (Deductible)t During an Inspection

Comprehensive glass coverage is slightly different than full glass coverage. While you still get protection for your windshield, a deductible must be paid before the insurance company will cover the replacement costs. The deductible amount depends on your specific policy, so reviewing your policy documents carefully is crucial. 

Breakdown of Comprehensive Glass Coverage

  • Must have a comprehensive car insurance policy
  • Coverage includes windshield replacement labor, materials, installation, and the glass itself
  • Requires a deductible to be paid

No Glass Coverage


It’s also possible to have no glass coverage at all. This means that if your windshield is damaged in any way, you’ll be responsible for the total cost of the replacement. This can be a significant financial burden, so it’s important to make sure you have the right coverage for your needs. 


Breakdown of No Glass Coverage

  • No coverage
  • You are responsible for all costs related to windshield repairs or replacements

Arizona Auto Glass Insurance Rights

If you’re a driver in Arizona, it’s essential for you to understand your rights concerning auto glass insurance. The federal law safeguards all consumers from potentially incurring unnecessary and excessive fees due to repairs or replacements of damaged auto glass. Additionally, Arizona state law requires that those working on auto glass repairs or replacements have a legitimate certification from the Arizona Department of Insurance (ADOI). Before allowing any work to be done on your vehicle, verify that you are choosing certified technicians. This is an essential step in preserving quality and guaranteeing certified service.

Contact your insurance company about any questions you may have regarding coverage and restrictions related to your policy. Doing so can help ensure you receive fair treatment and reimbursement for any expenses related to auto glass repairs and replacements. 

Federal Requirements for Auto Glass

According to federal regulation, any discoloration or harm on the center area of your windshield is prohibited—with one exception. If there’s just a single crack that doesn’t connect with any other damage, then you are allowed some leeway in this situation.

The center of your auto’s windshield is measured to be above the steering wheel, excluding two inches from its top and an inch on each side. When a crack joins with glass spidering or more damage, you must replace it before taking your car out for a drive again – regardless of any repair costs incurred.

Stay Informed on Auto Glass Insurance in Arizona

In conclusion, it is important for Arizona drivers to understand their auto glass insurance rights and the different levels of coverage available. Drivers must ensure that their comprehensive car insurance policies include full glass coverage to take advantage of the free windshield replacement law. Additionally, federal laws require all motorists to abide by specific rules regarding repairing or replacing damaged auto glass. By understanding your rights and responsibilities as an insured driver in Arizona, you can ensure that your vehicle’s windows are adequately protected against potential damage.