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Magic Windshield will take care of any power window problems you may be experiencing! We offer power window repair to drivers in Phoenix, AZ. If you want power window repair done right, Magic Windshield is the place for your vehicle. Whether your power window buttons are unresponsive, or the motor has stopped working, we can provide you with a fast and effective solution to get your window working like new again. We work with all vehicle makes and models!

Certified Power Window Technicians

Don’t trust your power windows to just anyone. Power window repair should be handled by a qualified specialist that has the experience to handle your auto glass needs correctly. Here at Magic Windshield, we have certified technicians that have years of experience so you can feel comfortable that each job will be completed correctly the first time.

Power Window Repair, Motor Replacement, and More!

Magic Windshield provides everything from power window repair to power window motor replacements. Power window issues are some of the most common issues with older vehicles. That’s why our technicians are well experienced in performing power window repairs in vehicles of all makes, models and years.

We Work with All Major Insurance Companies

If you’re looking for Phoenix power window repair or replacement, you may find yourself stumped by the question of whether your insurance will cover the cost. You can make an informed decision by calling us here at Magic Windshield and learning more about how we work with all major insurance companies to get our customers’ repairs covered. If you have any questions about power window repair or replacement, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We can let you know if your auto glass repairs are covered under your plan and provide the specific details of what will be covered.

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Trusted, Licensed, Insured

When power window repair is needed, it may feel confusing trying to decide which of the many different window repair companies in Phoenix is the best. If the window repair is done incorrectly, it can lead to more problems, including power window motor issues. The auto glass technicians at Magic Windshield complete your power window repairs the right way, so that you never have to worry about any recurrences.


At Magic Windshield, you know your power windows are in great hands. All of our window replacement and repair work comes with an insurance-backed warranty that will keep you protected long after your repairs are done. So you never have to worry about your windows again. 

Licensed Technicians

As auto glass repair providers in Phoenix, AZ, being properly licensed is very important to us. We guarantee that all our staff, equipment, tools, glass, and power window replacement parts are all up to date on licensing and are fully insured.

Free mobile service

Free mobile windshield services are one of the many reasons to choose Magic Windshield. We know that your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to waste it waiting in a shop. With our free mobile service, we come to you so you can get your powered window working in no time! 

Free windshield chip repair

We value our customers; therefore, we do all we can to keep their windshields in good condition. That is why we offer free windshield chip repair to our loyal customers. Ask your technician about free windshield chip repair during your next power window replacement or repair job.

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Power Window Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Power window repair is common in all types of vehicles. Phoenix residents know that Magic Windshield is the place to go for top-quality power window repair at an unbeatable price.

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Are you tired of hearing your power window motor grind and struggle as it fails to open and close your car’s windows? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that some buttons on the power window switch no longer function properly. You may be surprised to learn that those problems can often be fixed by having a qualified auto glass professional take a look at them and perform power window repair or replacement as needed. When you have those issues taken care of by the auto glass experts here at Magic Windshield, you’ll be glad to know that we provide Phoenix area residents with affordable prices for our services.

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If any of your power windows fail to work, make an appointment with our Phoenix auto glass team here at Magic Windshield today. We’d be happy to look at your vehicle and let you know if a power window repair or replacement is in order. We offer services like power window repair or power window motor replacement at affordable prices, so call today!

Power Window Regulator

Window regulators are an essential part of power windows in modern cars. They are responsible for raising and lowering the windows, and they can be a major source of problems if they fail. Power window repair can be a complex process, but it is often necessary to keep your car’s windows in working order.

There are a few common signs that a window regulator may be failing. These include windows that are slow to move up or down, windows that get stuck halfway, or windows that make noise when they are being operated. If you notice any of these problems, it is important to have your car’s window regulators inspected by a qualified technician.

The power window regulator is located in the door panel of the car. It is a complex assembly that includes the motor, the cable, and the track. The motor is what powers the window, the cable is what moves the window, and the track is what guides the window up and down.

If the window regulator fails, it will usually need to be replaced. This is a relatively complex repair, but it is usually not too expensive. If you are having problems with your car’s power windows, it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible.